The Fall and Rise of The Phoenix – with Terry Owens

29 June 2023

What an exciting PodCast we have ‘The Fall and Rise of the Phoenix’ with Terry Owens

So much to talk about which includes the creation of Aldershot FC, their demise and the rebirth of the Phoenix in Aldershot Town Football Club .

In some ways a romantic journey with bankruptcy, almost bankrupt again, but the passion of one man to drive football back into the ‘Home of the British Army’, yes Aldershot. This one man is known as Mr Aldershot, AKA Terry Owens.

This remarkable story and PodCast is definitely a MUST listen to episode.

Available on all PodCast Media Platforms including Apple PodCasts:

It may not have everything, but it has so much 🎙️❤️💙⚽🎧

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